For Goodbye (gentle and romantic): elegant clothes for gerls

CoverWhite and redDress-flower - a trend of a new season. Ruffles, drapes, embroidery, patterns all dish up to make a floral image. Much relevant style skirt "tulip" and big flowers however additional details. Is it a man may stand against such a lovely?If you claim to create a gentle touching image, do focus on a fabric, pastel tones, sequins, ruffles transparent.When dressing for a date, do not forget size the shoes (even if it is beautiful, but comfortable), hair (all men like flowing hair and romantic curls) and make-up (of course).  Alike posts:Cover Top gerls's garments. Fashion trendsCover Gerls's autumn suit. Fashionable, elegant, heartwarmingMask Gallery of fashion swimwear. Читать полностью -->

Fashion Boots Fall 2012

MaskA most ideal material for boots is skin. These shoes are easy to Carefully wash, comfortable to wear it, however most women prefer it. This fall will be in fashion boots to the knee of polish skin, in a rather sombre colors like burgundy, black, brown. Stylists propose us boots on a high, rough heels, and if a tasting elegant shoes - prefer a narrow toe.There are other options - wear boots with a small heel, smooth leather, with a few ornaments, for example - with lacing or semiprecious stones. Crocodile skin boots are especially pop. They should look quite simple, but expensive - for this are a perfect shape and big heel.For those who prefer a comfort offered free at a top of a boots, high-heeled, rich colors. Читать полностью -->

Christmas Shoes 2010

MaskSo is the nature of a woman 18 years old, that she wants to be elegant. And what could be a great elegance without shoes. It was she who creates feminine image. Girl 18 years old and shoes... These concepts are inseparable. Thoroughly fitting shoes makes a young woman a mysterious fairy, and this fact is no longer a secret.A girl 18 years old should learn that if it wants helf, stylish and youthful look, then it is necessary to pay attention not only on clothes and accessories, but also shoes.Now's shoes - it's a work of art. Читать полностью -->

The chief requirements for the bag

CoverA basic requirements to a bag: great, practicality, elegance, comfort and originality - in chief, much of demands. Following all, in a handbag should fit all we must however, and thus it want not resemble a string bag or trunk hardware.So rightly to take this essential accessory for a woman 18 years old to ever fit not alone fashionable, but every situation? In this article, we will focus on the bag for business girl.  Resembling posts:Mask Summer Fashion: Sunglasses: A most fashionable modelsMask Fall Fashion 2012: Fur trim outerwearCover 1Gallery of fashionable gerls's shoes. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Moschino 2010: The Fall 2010 fashion handbags

CoverCollection of fashion house Moschino - it's always a mischievous challenge, frank sexuality is shocking and surprising. Black clutch bag - a godsend for all time, as comfortably as the black dress with Moschino looks extremely precarious because of the decorative elements. A favorable handbag on a gold ring - it's not as much a case how a luxurious decoration, perfectly blending in how Gerls by Moschino with other gold accessories.  Similar posts:Cover Wedding: photo of fine dressesCover Fashion accessories: how easy is it to pick up a good Christmas present?Cover Fashionable women's shoes Summer 2012 season. . . . Читать полностью -->

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